About me - Clint Morris Photography

Clint Morris

          My passion for photography started when I saw a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image. I was so intrigued by the dynamic brightness, vibrance and details of the photo that I was determined to learn more about this form of photography. My curiosity led me to explore many  tutorials to achieve the style which I always go back to as a reference.

          From there on,  I haven’t stopped fueling my addiction and passion for photography. I started practicing shooting sunsets and sunrises with my first professional grade camera. Now I am more experienced in my photography skill set and have learned so much since I started my Journey as a photographer. My thirst has let me to a new technique called "Blending moments in time" this is where a sunset or sunrise image is blended with a blue hour image.

          Living in a vibrant city like NYC gives me the opportunity to explore other genres like street photography which I also enjoy. Every day I look forward to expand my knowledge and passion for this art.  Thank you for stopping by!!!